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How escorts can screen clients and remain safe

One of the most important tasks high class escorts must perform is to screen their clients. Screening a client is very important because it prevents an escort from working with a violent person. But how can an escort screen her clients? The first way of screening a client is to take down their information. This includes their name, occupation, phone number and where they live. Another way of screening a client is to ask them whether they have seen or been with an escort before. If the client has seen or has been with escorts before, then the client is likely to treat the current escort the same way he treated the previous escorts. If not, one should approach with caution and just give the client a good time.

Protect your privacy with an elite London escort

For many of us, protecting our privacy is of paramount importance, but an elite London escort can help. As you may imagine, plenty of people who hire the services of high class escorts would prefer it if their identities are kept secret. Whether you’re famous and you want to keep the press out of your life or you just don’t want the old ball and chain to find out about your various dabbles in the escorting world, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the end result is the same. Luckily, even in a city like London, you can be incognito. Let’s find out how.